Casual Worker

closing date: 07 June 2022 location: Durban Kwazulu Natal

What this role looks like:

  • Offering and executing a high level of customer service to any customer that enters our store. Each visit is a unique interaction.
  • Making our store an inviting and intriguing space which showcases our brand and our range for products in the best possible way
  • Ensuring that each purchase is processed through our system accurately
  • Following the internal process for stock receipt and storage
  • Wrapping a large number of gifts for our customers who purchase with us
  • Continuously learning about the products and services that we offer and ensuring that up to date information is shared with our customers
  • Maintaining housekeeping and merchandising standards

Who you are:

  • Feels energised when talking about food, cooking, entertaining and homeware
  • Able to readily engage with customers and colleagues
  • Know how to make each customer interaction unique and right for that customer
  • Comfortable working with Point of Sale and computer-based systems
  • A team player with a collaborative and supportive nature
  • Excellent communication and time-management skills
  • A minimum of a Matric certificate or equivalent experience

If you are a hardworking and enthusiastic team player who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, then we should chat!

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Payroll F.A.Q’s

How can I have monthly and weekly employees in the same company?

“Go to Settings -> Payment Frequencies, then click “Add” to add additional types of payment periods to the company.“

How do I delete an employee?

“To completely remove an employee from the system, they must have no finalised payslips. So the first step is to unfinalise any currently finalised payslips – click the newest finalised payslip date on the list of dates on the right and the “Undo Finalise” button will appear on the payslip.Once there are no finalised payslips, a “Delete” option will be available under the “Actions” menu.“

How do I change my password?

“Click your e-mail address at the top-right of the screen and you will see an option to do so.“

My first payslips are for a different period than what I actually want. How do I fix this?

Go to Settings -> Payment Frequencies, select the applicable frequency and change the first payroll period. Please ensure that no payslips have been finalised before doing this.“

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